Friday, April 19, 2019

The Reasons for Participating in the MMPA Program Essay

The Reasons for Participating in the MMPA Program - Essay ExampleThe University of Toronto seeks a divers(a) and unique entering class of current and future managers. How will your distinctiveness enrich the learning purlieu and enhance your prospects for future success? In the midst of the overwhelming competition in the business world, it is change state increasingly important to have a strong sense of maturity in the learning process. Having know this, I have taken time to develop myself as an accounting student. My past learning work through during the undergraduate program in U of Ts Mississauga campus has enabled me to develop and nurture a advanced student status. My maturity as a student and profound learning skills coupled with strong role to succeed will be a strong boost to the learning environment in The University of Toronto. I will, therefore, use my learning experience, positive influence, and power to motivate others to nurture a learning environment amongst d andy students. If we are all united together as students towards a common objective of getting the dress hat out of the program, then my chances of succeeding in the masters program will be secured. to a greater extent importantly, the favourable learning environment that will have been nurtured will be a good weapons platform for me to maximally gain all the required skills for my future practice. What sets me apart from the rest is my resilience. Life experiences have taught me to be resilient even in distressing conditions. Actually, my resilience enabled me to go through the undergraduate program condescension having accidents and fee problems.

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