Tuesday, April 30, 2019

IT Security. Epworth Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

IT Security. Epworth - Assignment ExampleThe storage of information is at times prone to invasion from the foes. It is at this point that the persons using the database have to plug that there is utmost surety of the stored information. Other trends in IT include such things as the use of wireless LANS (Stewart, Tittel and Chapple, 2011). This is one of the developments that be in IT. IT comprises of many bellicose issues like the use of roomss of security technology, reputation risk, online awareness and the wireless LAN technology.Task1 (Reputational risk)The chief officer for security at Epworth is the person concerned with the security of the warms information stored in the database. His claims that the system is blue against reputational risk are a heap of lies. This is because the database of the Epworth organization is chafeible to any web host. The web server can directly access the web where the health care firm stores information concerning to the employees and the patients. This direct access is the one that makes me defy the fact that the reputation of the patients is safe. Secretive patients information storage occurs in the database (Honey, 2009). Therefore, the security officers remarks are not true. Current observations show that the fact that the database is accessible to all(prenominal) employees of the Epworth health care .This accessibility is the key to hacking of necessary information concerning the organization (Neef, 2003). ... An IBM analyst has recommended to Epworth a suite of security technologies aimed at database compromise and data loss prevention at a cost of $40,000 per year. This would ensure that the database information is free from falling into the hands of the enemy. Therefore, it would be beneficial to implement the suite because of different reasons. unrivalled of the reasons is the fact that the database information is exceedingly necessary to any firm. The cost of installing the prevention mechanisms may be h igh but the benefits are many (CDTM, 2007). Epworth would have the assurance that the security of information pertaining to their patients and workers is safe. Purchasing a licensed copy of the security suite is also particular because the firms can assure their patients that their details are safe. The other reason as to why this is necessary is that the cost of replacing the lost information would be more than the cost of installing the security kit (Whitman and Mattord, 2010). The installation of database security is necessary because the process of approach shot up with new details about patients is costly. Contacting and informing the patients about their account numbers and providing new card would be exceedingly tedious. The last reason for the installation would be the fact that database compromise is up to 25%. Task 3 (online training of employees) If Epworth were to bestow me with the task of conducting online employee awareness, this would be a go ahead for the firm. on -line employee awareness and training course for safeguarding sensitive patient information is a practice that any firm requires. This would ensure that the employees are aware of the requirements

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