Friday, April 26, 2019

Research summary article on theorist Patricia Benner Essay

Research summary name on theorist Patricia Benner - Essay Exampleding, one core fact that butt endnot be disputed that in most jurisdictions, a person is expected to produce a form of attestation that shows mastery over surmisal by passing a presumption examination before accreditation can be given to practice. The question that comes to mind in such an instance therefore is whether Benner held a convincing position with her possible action in the primary research titled from novice to expert.In the article by Benner, the researcher emphasized on the relationship between theory and practice and noted that it is possible for expert nurses to articulate the skills and understanding needed to undertake critical patient care even when knowledge on theory is minimal. From this assertion, the researcher was able to identify five major levels of nursing proficiency, all of which were largely based on the outcome of practical nursing experience. These stages were novice, advanced be ginner, competent, proficient, and expert. In what may be stated to be a perspective opinion, Benner noted that a lot of emphasis can be taken away from theory to practice because practical knowledge comes through with(predicate) research and that theory is only manifested as a photograph of practice. By implication, the researcher opined that theory is not sufficient to bring effective practice but through field practice, a person is able to get the fundamental know how of clinical experience.Based on the synopsis that has been given about the primary research by Benner, an immediate conclusion that can be given is that most parts of the world have not embraced her theory because without theoretical competence, it is very uncorrectable for a person to be accredited to practice as a nurse. From a personal position, it would be said that as much as it will be agreed that a person can gain more experience whiles practicing nursing, the need for period updating of ones theoretical k nowhow cannot be underestimated. This is because the health sector is one that is highly technical

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