Sunday, April 28, 2019

First Experiences in College Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

First Experiences in College - seek ExamplePersonal NarrativeAn example of a common difficulty experienced by students in their startle days is solitude when they still lack friends. Students have uneasy times, usually dealing with strangers and affirmable humiliations that they may face. Cultural diversity among the students who are strangers can cause tension. Racial tensions, for instance, are common among radical college students (German 155). Interaction among the students may encourage interpersonal efficacy, betterment of self-confidence and self-awareness (Burks 110). During my first days, I maintained nakedness and, therefore, managed to make friends. In cases when a student does not have any familiar person perusal in the college, he or she may experience isolation (German 156). Isolation may result to new(prenominal) detrimental emotional conditions. Time management without factors compelling students is another issue they find challenging during their first days in college. It is a students absolute responsibility to be disciplined to achieve the essence of proper time management, which is crucial to success in college education. I learnt that responsibility is an invaluable justice for every college student.

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