Saturday, April 27, 2019

The Life of a Couch Potato Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

The Life of a Couch Potato - Essay ExampleCouch potatoes be so much better than office workers because of the amount of exercise that they start start to do. If they feel a immobile urge to rise something to eat, its a dash there and back to the kitchen faster than Usain Bolt The calories that liter eithery fall of the body of a honk potato set upnot be underestimated. Couch potatoes dont disregard their favorite shows for anything in the world, but if they have to leave, then they will do so as fast as they can. I can understand that because I myself am like that sometimes, especially if something really nigh is on TV. E reallything else just goes out the window As a result, this means that there really is no need for couch potatoes to go on a fitness plan because they literally have wiz already. Comp ar this to the average office worker who sits in his office all day typing away. on occasion he may have to go to another floor in the building But what does he do? Does he take the stairs? No. He takes the elevator of course This burns very few calories at all and is a complete sign of laziness. If the office worker would take by and by the couch potato, he could become a much fitter person. I could almost use couch potatoes as my inspiration when I am down at the gym Couch potatoes also must make huge sacrifices when time demands it. I mean, can you imagine missing out on consequence 463 of The Simpsons just to go to your kids music recital? The couch potato cant even be sure that the DVD recorder wont malfunction. This shows that, contrary to belief, couch potatoes can actually give up something that they value most when required. If only I was able to give up something that meant so much to me like this is for couch potatoes. Compare this to the average office worker who might take in for time of work to go to the same function. Lame All he does is miss out on work that was there today and will be there tomorrow. He will still get his paycheck , so he really isnt giving anything up to be there. It is a natural valet de chambre reaction to not want to give up anything, so I guess that office workers are just normal, while couch potatoes are that rare breed that always put others before themselves. another(prenominal) reason why couch potatoes are so much better than office workers is because of the amount of fealty that the job requires. Couch potatoes are so engrossed in what they are doing that they wouldnt notice an seism if it hit them That takes guts, and couch potatoes sure have plenty of that. Some shows only come on once, so if you miss it the first time, there is no chance of ever watching that show again. Couch potatoes have a little alarm clock in their brains that tells them when their next favorite show is on. You can be sure that they will definitely be there at that time with the remote in decease and a bowl of ice cream in the other I dont know if I could be that committed for anything. It really is a s pecial skill to block everything else out and focus and what you truly love to do. Compare this to office workers who only go to work for the m one and only(a)y. As soon as they get a better job offer, you can be sure that they will be out of there faster than you can say raise. They have literally no commitment at all to their place of work, and would probably not be there if they werent getting paid for it. No one pays couch potatoes to sit and watch TV all day Now,

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