Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Company Analysis on eFax Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3750 words

Company Analysis on eFax - Essay interpreterThe objective of the company was to turn every fax machine virtually into an meshing-on-ramp. The company provided millions of professionals a gyration in their document communications reducing the clutter of paper work and making faxing easy and loving (Business Wire). eFax.com was the first company to provide such a free unlimited Internet swear out which had mark a new standard beca function of the easiness to use technology involving fax - to - email delivery. The free service by the company was intended to unite 500 million global users of fax with approximately coulomb million users of email. eFax.com was a breakthrough of web services and this paper brings out an analysis of the company eFax including its maturation and the final takeover by J2 Global.The company was utilizing its digital messaging technology for Internet applications. This included the use of Hotsend softw are, introduced in December 1998, and he M900e MFP w hich came to the market in January 1999. On February 8, 1999 the company changed its name from JetFax Inc to eFax.com and made the declaration of its eFax service, the first free fax to email service. eFax.com Inc was formerly known, as JetFax Inc was a leading provider of internet document communications solutions. ... The MFP market consists of office equipments that combine the print, fax, copy and scan functions in a mavin machine. The company had built up its product of eFax.com basing on this strong technology emphasizing the internet applications for the house servant transmission and package expertise.SWOT AnalysisThe SWOT analysis reflects the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats relating to the operation of eFax.com. StrengthsUnique product communication channel that covered business related associations and also the company is the first one to introduce efax kind of a productFree eFax service attracted more number of online customers increasing the advert isement revenueCombination of enter system technology and connected software enhanced the utility of the products and services offered with scope for further proficient improvementsThe company has a wider and prominent customer baseWeaknessesThe company had several products with misplaced focus on marketingThe currency and former(a) associated risks with the business in foreign countries increased the currency risk and other losses associated with the foreign exchange transactionsThe changes in technology entailed more expenditure towards research and suppurationOpportunitiesThe technological advancement provides scope for the development of newer and improved products and services including VoIP and other voice communication productsThe products are capable of being marketed internationally which increases the scope for the increased revenuesCombining the embedded technology system software with the latest technological advancements make the application of the services easier

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