Sunday, April 21, 2019

Hotel Marketing Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

Hotel marketplace - Case Study ExamplePDR Hotels and Resorts is a world-renowned travel destination for many tourists around the world. Being a luxury hotel usually known to be situated in primary atomic number 18as of every location where they are situated in, PDR Hotels and Resorts adhesive friction a strong sense of market control in terms of attracting travelers to disk in their facilities found mainly in the United Kingdom, Dublin, Paris, New York, Moscow, Dubai, Singapore, India and the USA. Being well-distributed around the globe, PDR Hotels and Resorts already hold a strong and unbreakable reputation in the field of travel and tourism operations. However, as the market also changes the level of their demands from the said industry, PDR administration decides to go beyond the usual and traditional culture suitable by the organization in terms of locating their branches. Recently, the administration decides to buy a property placed at the outskirts of a city. Hotel Mort loch is an old yet operating hotel that used to be recognized as a major destination for royalties during the time of its peak operations. Today though, the owners of the facility simply had other priorities to actually reduce on the development of the area. Hence, PDR administration decides to take on the responsibility of reviving the reputation of the Mortloch hotel through acquire the property and making it a part of their worldwide chain of operating hotels and resorts. However, approaching the need to market this particular new facility may not be as easy as 123, it should be observed. that unlike other PDR branches, this is located far from the center of the city. Besides that it has old facilities, major renovation inevitably to be done so as to mix the facilities of the hotel with that of the traditional appearance of PDR buildings around the

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