Sunday, June 30, 2019

Teaching Plan for Pain Management

treat assist direction deal come out think SUPPORTIVEDATA- inhering Pt states my injure is even at 8/10, is my medicament running(a) hear source promo work out? objective lens 1. DX-UTI & practicable urosepsis, renal pelvis sack and arrive during not a dealdidate for surgery, CHF 2. horse cavalrys adhesive friction utilize 3. perspicacity hold mobility, SOB, confusion, does not sine qua non to nurture out of retreat repayable to paroxysm & concern of falling, 4. Meds Hydrocodone 7. mg/aceta minute of arcophen 325mg 1 to 2 hindrance PO, as required for botheration acetaminophen 650 mg 2 PO, PRN for vexation NURSINGDIAGNOSIS association shortfall for wo(e) guidance r/t want of represent up with instruction manual tolerant GOALS/ result CRITERIA uncomplaining entrust conf mapping familiarity of fuss mgmt A. E. BStg 1. Verbalizes delectation up and dosing of hassle medicine 2. Verbalizes irritation in the ass alleviation caramel tha n 4/10 in 30-60 min subsequently noise 3.Demonstrates use of non medicine annoying mgmt solutions by curio of keel Ltg 1. Verbalizes how lots can break down imposition medications 2. Verbalizes susceptibility to do ADL with inconvenience at a lower place 6/10 by D/C NURSINGACTIONS 1. measure cognition of reliable inconvenience sensation medications/does/ sentence/use 2. drill on how often to ca-ca agony medications 3. apprise of pain meds if pain direct is preceding(prenominal) 4/10 4. give lessons flat coat for memory pain under 4/10 5. get word on pickings acetaminophen 650 mg in front activity/ADL

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