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Anthropology Assignment Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words - 1

Anthropology Paper - Assignment ExampleLinguistic anthropology, the third sub-discipline, is concerned with the origin of the valet language and vocabulary with particular emphasis on some specific languages. Through comparing various languages, this sub-discipline is critical in making out relationships between different peoples. The one-fourth sub-discipline is social-cultural anthropology that entails the study of the three core aspects of a living populationsocial, economic, and political organization with a view of contributing to community development (Lakeside University, 2012). Question deuce Chapter 2 discussed the attempts by early anthropologists to describe break away biologically. Describe the typological and population models Typological model is an approach that anthropologists developed to classify people during the 19th and 20th centuries. This estimate of classification was anchored on what is today known as race today as it classified people according to param eters like geographical regions and traits like scramble color, stature, and form of hair among others. However, this model of classification was noted to be less biological and more culture-related (ONeil, 2011). Population model, on the other hand, sheds light on human population patterns from a genetic point of view. In this regard, this model focuses on the patterns of breeding among the human populations and look for traits such as physiological ones that can jockstrap put them apart. Although history is clear that humans do not mate as a chemical group for a long time, this model is viewed in pricey light from a theoretical perspective (ONeil, 2011). Question Three Describe the impact of Charles Darwins theory of evolution on studies of divisions of humans The Darwinian conjecture greatly influenced the studies of divisions of human in that it brought forth a new platform of scientific thinking in addition to generating numerous controversies. One, the Darwinian theory in a great way clashed with the long-held and widespread view of Creationism that encompassed the intervention of God in the existence of the universe and its institutionsplants and animals. In this regard, this theory replaced the idea of divine creation with one that talked of evolution of man through a process he referred to as natural selection. In light of this, the Darwinian Theory gave new gist to the study of anthropology by coming up with an alternative perspective on the possible origin of man (Tuazon, 2008). Question Four The scientific racialism sample of the 18th and 19th century resulted in the concept of eugenics. Describe this term and its social consequences Eugenics is a science that focuses on controlling genetic traits of the human race with a view of improving it. Eugenics alleged that those people who belonged to the lower class possessed inferior genes compared to the ones who were socially well off. As such, a reproduction with this group with poor genetic t raits would lead to a degraded society. Ignoring the social conditions that characterize the marginalized in the society eugenics suggested that the upper class in the society possessed fibre skills like artistic and intellectual abilities. Eugenics led to many injustices across societies in the

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