Saturday, June 15, 2019

My Philosophy Of Education Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

My Philosophy Of Education - Essay ExampleFor coming up with me very own school of thought of education I researched various educational philosophers, each had some different and interesting insights. My philosophy of education is inspired by my past teachers and the educational governance that I have been brought up and taught in, counselors, coaches, and other role models in my life and these education philosophers with their different philosophies. I take every last(predicate) the positive influences and the positive and legal approaches which were used on me and I keep them in mind try to use them in even a better way so that I could also bring out best from my students.Talking about my beliefs on education and educational system, John Deweys philosophy stood closest to it. My educational philosophy follows John Deweys concept of education as a tool to have a meaningful life. My philosophy follows his criteria of valuing all students and believing in their in unique eruditi ons and providing them with an open and fear free purlieu where they are free to share their ideas. My moral compass is that all students deserve to be treated evenly and fairly, without any biasness and no matter what no student should be made to feel stupid as this would also negate the fear free environment then.... We all posses these intelligences but some posses some more by jus merely exercising them more often which makes them more creative, smart, and intelligent then others. (Howard Gardners bigeminal Intelligences) We all do have equal intelligences it means but some need to practice and polish them more than others. One could teach what one didnt know, and a poor and an ignorant father could if he was emancipated, conduct the education of his children, without the aid of any master explicator- universal teaching to learn something and to relate to it all the rest by this principle all men have equal intelligences (The Ignorant Schoolmaster Five Lessons in Intellectual Emancipation- all students are every bit intelligent) . A teachers duty is to encourage the student to keep trying and not to b afraid if he fails once and not to discover tired in this trial as he will succeed as everyone is equally intelligent. In accordance to my knowledge, experience and research education and intelligence are very subjective terms. Educating a student is not only making him memorize facts and get them to spit back logic only, it is far beyond that. It is to give somebody a meaningful life just like John Deweys saying and that is why I can relate to his philosophies. It is to enrich childrens lives, get them to explore and find their place in life, and for them not be afraid to fail encourage them and take chances, to speak and share their vista their ideas. Change the ideology of failure, as an end, but as a lesson to be learned and not be afraid of it. Same goes for the term intelligence, not inevitably a student with higher score on

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