Sunday, June 16, 2019

OPM300 - Intro. to Operations Mgmt. CA Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 1

OPM300 - Intro. to Operations Mgmt. CA - Essay Exampleuch, Event O is the most likely candidate because crashing Event O will result to a compensation of two weeks, which is just sufficient to compensate for the weeks lost in extending Event B.The key actor in the success of a put is undoubtedly the project manager. Their roles include managing the project throughout the project cycle, balancing technical, schedule, and cost performance, solving problems expeditiously as they arise, and inspiring and motivating the entire team (Forsberg, Mooz, & Cotterman, 2005). With a project as extensive and large scale as the one described above, a project manager needs to befuddle the right skills and tools in facing and overcoming the many different challenges that such a project can produce (Elearn Limited (Great Britain), 2005). iodin such challenge would be that project teams whitethorn be geographically dispersed. Since projects are usually collaborative efforts, different team members may be physically located in locations that may cause logistic challenges (Kerzner, 2009). Thus, a project manager must know how to ensure that logistic considerations are put in place when scheduling required events.Another problem that a project manager may face is the challenge of overbooked and mismanaged resources. Due to certain shortcoming, project teams may not have accurate information about their resources and what they are working on (Archibald, 2003). Some project teams may have more demand for projects than they have team members to execute the projects. Thus, a project manager has to be aware of these limitations and be alert enough to compensate

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