Sunday, June 9, 2019

Discussion 2 Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 2

Discussion 2 - Assignment Examplerty four presidents who have been elected and only one president has been a minority of mixed function descent .Preliminary reports indicate that a majority of Americans are going to vote for a white president in the next coming elections since they view the officer as being ineffective and incapable of handling the requirements of the office (Watkins 57).The entertainment industry is also another sector where racism is still prevalent. A truly high percentage of the leading men and women in Hollywood blockbuster spuds are Caucasian, while the other positions are left to the ever growing macrocosm of minorities. In those instances where minorities are starring, the roles are tailored in such a way that they are specifically for minorities and the majority of the cast is comprised of fellow minority actors. It is actually rare that a minority is able to acquire a role based on his/her acting prowess regardless of whether they fit the Hollywood p igeonhole of leading men and women possessing physical attributes that are associated with Caucasians such as, blue eyes, white complexion and free flowing hair which out rightly prevents minority actors from acquiring such roles.Additionally, black actors for instance, are mostly drafted in roles depicting dose dealers, gang members while actors of Latin descent are drafted to roles depicting them as drug cartel members and drug lords. This points to a deep rooted thinking, where the majority of the Caucasian population perceives the minorities as being the antagonists while they consider themselves as being the protagonists and heroes (Watkins 63).The film Do the Right Thing by Spike Lee, released in 1989, aimed to show the deep rooted and unassuming racial undertones that are still prevalent in modern day America. The movie showed how the average African American is subjected to daily racism, which has led to the majority of the young African American male youth towards a life o f drugs and gang violence in order to

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