Wednesday, June 12, 2019

BP Oil Disaster in the Gulf of Mexico Case Study - 8

BP Oil Disaster in the Gulf of Mexico - Case Study ExampleEthical issues, in this case, identifiable include sorrow for other companies to learn from earlier case scenarios like the ExxonMobil case, and construct great preventive policies to avoid future spills. The people who have worked in this industry for 30, 40 years have a great role to play to avoid other leakages. Unfortunately, this has not been the case. In addition, companies should put preventive measures such that when such leakages happen, they do have vast effects on the natural system. The wells could as well be placed elsewhere other than in the deep waters. In fact, the size of the spillage does not matter, but what is of concern is where they happen and when they happen. The oil pipes should not be constructed in areas that in the event of a leakage, massive aggrieve occurs. For instance, the BP Oil Disaster happened in a very vulnerable area and at a time when there are too many winds blowing it.In fact, the gr eatest issue, in this case, is the detrimental effect that this oil spill is going to have on the economy and ecology of the country. According to Geoffrey (2010), there are fears that the massive oil slick will have appalling effects on wildlife and birds along the Louisiana Coast and it could ruin one of the worlds fisheries, similarly that it could also ruin vital wetlands. Americas Gulf State reputation is also under universal excoriation. The slow response to this catastrophe could coiffe diverse effects on the caller-out, operating on the belief that such a disaster could never happen shows a lack of professionalism. This case of assumption and neglect saw measures not being laid down. The characters thus operated on the principles of assumptions, and lack seriousness from all fronts.Victims and other groups have sharply accused the company of lacking preventive and more strict measures for disasters and taking the issue for granted at the initial stages of the disaster. I n fact, accusations are coming from all level, including from President Obama to local anesthetic people.

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