Wednesday, October 30, 2019

English Application Essays Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

English Application Essays - Essay Example It would be an honor to be taught by such conversant and intellectual set of professors. The campus offers numerous recreation and fitness centers that can become good sources of relaxation after extensive hours of studies. I have always been an active member in extra-curricular activities and clubs; I aspire to continue such activities and shall contribute my role in the progression of the clubs. I believe that one can expect better results from something that is achieved as an outcome of group efforts and team work. The accumulation of different forms of opinions and ideas induces a touch of innovativeness and uniqueness in every endeavor. It is due to this belief that I am contented with the idea of my friends going in the same program. I am excited to study with these individuals and new classmates since they might even become my colleagues in the workplaces in the future. I think that our team work and research can contribute towards the development of the chosen domain of knowl edge and play our part in earning a name for the esteemed University of Ohio. My friends define me as a people’s person who loves meeting new people. The concept of getting familiar with different customs, traditions and culture of the world excites me. It is due to the passion for cultural diversity that I have chosen Ohio University. Ohio University celebrates cultural diversity rather than promoting exclusion. I admire such ideologies and feel that I shall be able to progress more in an environment that is run by such like-minded people. Therefore, I hope you will allow me to pursue my education in the desired business school- Fisher College. Essay 2 I bear great passion for travelling and meeting new people. The nature of my family business has granted me the opportunity to visit numerous countries of the world, thereby giving me the chance of experiencing various forms of cultures and traditions on firsthand basis. Such experiences have made me realize the value of inclu sion of perspectives from all sorts of cultures and origins. I believe that tolerance and acceptance of other people’s ideas induces an element of innovation in one’s work. Tim Berners Lee, the man who invented the World Wide Web, stated that â€Å"we need diversity of thought in the world to face the new challenges†. I aim to promote inclusion and tolerance for other cultures in my endeavors to play my role in safeguarding the traditions of multiculturalism of University of Colorado. Team work and mutual support bear great importance in an academic life since it bears numerous challenging instances and stressful routines. Acceptance of cultural diversity removes barriers among individuals and promotes the spirit of team work and mutual cooperation. I aspire to become a team player who will seek to work together with others to increase his domain of knowledge, as well as to play his part in earning a commendable name for the University of Colorado. Individuals w ho value team work spirit tend to benefit in their professional lives as well; therefore, I believe that my culturally rich experience at University of Colorado will prove to be advantageous for my professional life. Competition is also an integral part of any academic life; healthy competition can prove to be a valuable lesson since it prepares one for the professional life ahead. Exposure to multicultural lifestyles from my childhood

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