Friday, October 18, 2019

INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS STRATEGY Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2250 words

INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS STRATEGY - Essay Example As such, the 3D printing industry would hereby be more closely evaluated in terms of the industries seen to be disrupted; as well as the forces influencing the industry. The concluding portion would determine a trend to explain the 3D technology in general. The 3D printing industry has evolved from prototyping to manufacturing Lakhani and Lane (2014). As clearly explained by Lakhani and Lane (2014), â€Å"3D printing was an additive production process that, using varied techniques, repeatedly deposited one thin layer of material at a time that fused, bonded, or adhered to adjacent layers to create an integrated whole† (p. 2). A more comprehensive analysis of the 3D printing industry would be presented through the PEST analysis and the Porter’s five forces framework. including the need for more stringent regulations pertaining to identifying users (purchasers) of 3D printers and for specifically identified purposes. This is relevant to avoid misuse of products being produced from these printers. Likewise, aside from identifying authorized users through proper licensing to conform to government regulations, the possibilities of coming out with diverse products might also increase preponderance of misuse or abuse that could endanger the lives of the public. The economic impact of proliferation of 3D printing includes potential losses of jobs, especially in manufacturing firms that are seen to belong to the industries to be disrupted. Likewise, closing or potential bankruptcy of manufacturing firms would be detrimental to the economy in terms of lesser tax revenues for the government, lesser purchasing power for consumers who lose their jobs, as well as lesser funds to be earmarked for infrastructure and economic development projects. On the positive side, more goods manufactured locally would be made available, making cheaper alternatives easily accessible to the consumers. More interaction is

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