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DAVID POOL Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words - 1

DAVID POOL - Research Paper Example Dave Pool’s war tactics and strategies are best revealed during the Lawrence raid in 1863. Similarly, he undertook remarkable operations in March 1865 with Arch Clement, Jim Anderson and 144 other men in Sherman, Texas. It has been identified that Dave Pool joined Quantrill in July 1862 â€Å"after his uncle, Archibald Poole, was killed and his home sacked by jayhawkers and another member of his family shot† (Captain Francis Marion Pool 1837 – 1899). There are many who hold that Dave Pool is named after the famous Revolutionary War guerrilla, Francis Marion who was also known as the Swamp Fox. The role of the Quantrill Army was no less significant in the American Civil War that they exerted tremendous influence in determining the present status of America. That is why historians regard the Knights of the Golden Circle, or Quantrills Guerrillas or Quantrills Raiders as the most prominent group that helped the confederates. The Missouri-based band was formed in December 1861 by William Clark Quantrill and originally consisted of only ten men who were determined to right the wrongs done to Missourians by Union occupational soldiers (Longley & Eby, 2010). Kansas Jayhawkers and the Red Legs who have widespread in Missouri were their prime enemies. When the Civil War broke out the Quantrill guerrillas could attract many youngsters to their army and in a way they could act as the official arm of the Confederate Army after May 1862, when the Confederate Congress approved the Partisan Ranger Act (Longley & Eby, 2010). Some of the important leaders of Quantrills Guerrillas included William C. â€Å"Bloody Bill† Anderson, David Pool, William Gregg, and George Todd. Quantrill Army was the group of Confederate guerrilla fighters during the American Civil War. William Quantrill has often been referred to as the leader of the army who exhibited audacious nature from the very young age itself.

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