Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Switzerland and the European Union Essays -- switzerland, republic, ca

Officially known as the Swiss Confederation, Switzerland is a federal parliamentary republic comprised of 26 cantons, which represent four languages and a population of just over eight million . Switzerland is well known for its small landmass yet high standard of living, as well as its banking system and adherence to traditional Swiss culture. While the state is autonomous, it is a part of the Schengen Area unlike all EU members, and remains outside of the European Union (EU) and the European Economic Area (EEA), as it became the sole EFTA member to reject membership by referendum in 1992 . Despite this, Switzerland maintains a staunch economic relationship with members of the EU through a series of bilateral agreements involving trade, free movement of people, agriculture and taxation among others. These provisions between countries provide an increasingly interdependent European continent characterized by trade agreements, free movement of Swiss-EU citizens and a single European market. A recent referendum against mass immigration has passed through Switzerland’s direct democracy by a majority of just 50.3% , effectively nullifying the bilateral agreements that were reached with the EU in 1999. The referendum is binding in Switzerland and requires the Swiss Federal Council to produce legislation within three years of the vote. As a result, officials within the EU have voiced their regrets regarding the outcome of the ballot, and are carefully considering re-evaluating their relations with Switzerland. The issue of Switzerland’s proposed cap on immigration is a very recent matter, and the results of the referendum will likely be a catalyst for changes in EU policies. This paper will examine steps that the European Union cou... ...immigration." Le Temps, September 2011. Ryser, Monique. Bilateral Agreements Switzerland-EU. Edited by Integration Office FDFA/FDEA. Bern, Switzerland: Department of Foreign Affairs FDFA, 2009. Schwok, Renà ©. Switzerland - European Union: An Impossible Membership? Brussels: European Interuniversity Press, 2009. Taylor, Paul, and Richard Mably. "Switzerland Can't Have It Both Ways on Migration: EU's Barroso." Reuters (Brussels), February 12, 2014. Accessed March 2014. Telegraph staff and agencies. "France ready to 'roll out the red carpet' for British exit from EU." The Telegraph (England), January 23, 2013. Accessed March 2014.

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