Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Review of D Nakanos Movie White Mans Burden essays

Review of D Nakanos Movie White Mans Burden essays The film "White Man's Burden is a deliberate attempt by the director, Desmond Nakano, to show what the effects of race and social status are on a person's beliefs, attitudes and behavior. The setting for the film is modern day America with a twist. In the film, blacks dominate economically, politically, and culturally, while whites represent the underclass. Touching upon issues that are prevalent in society today, the film gives the viewer a glimpse of what it's like to be a minority living in a society where the social norms and popular culture are defined by the ruling class. These issues are presented in ways that are both direct and indirect. Mr. Nakano uses his characters Thaddeus Taylor and Louis Pinnock to illustrate both sides of the racial and class divide. It is in the first scene that we meet the antagonist of the movie, Thaddeus Taylor. The character of Thaddeus is the archetype of what we perceive members of the establishment to be. He's a wealthy and influentia l businessman with a less than flattering opinion of those that are of a different race and socioeconomic status. The director uses this character to draw attention to the prejudices and assumptions that many members of the upper class have about the poor and minorities, particularly those living in the inner city. In the first scene, Thaddeus is having a dinner party with other well to do friends and family members and the conversation turn to one of Thaddeus' business deals. The deal involved the development of a shopping center in the inner city, which was burned down three months after it opened. One of the guests at the dinner party commented that it was a shame that the shopping center burnt down, because it would have provided jobs and infused money into a community that was economically deprived. Although the film didn't go into much detail, it is evident that those living in the neighborhood set the fire. Thaddeus comments that there is som...

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