Friday, November 1, 2019

Hate Violence Turn it off by Tim Goodman Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Hate Violence Turn it off by Tim Goodman - Essay Example Goodman reiterates his thesis statement throughout his essay to make sure that his argument is easy enough to understand and his reasoning simple enough to follow. The social context of this essay is applicable to almost anyone, from young children to concerned adults. While this essay seems to be meant for children, in actual fact Goodman is trying to get through to parents because he knows they are in a position to enforce change in the family home. Goodman used logical arguments that parents would understand, but even more important was the fact that he did not go overboard by criticizing parents too much. The author tried to steer parents away from complaining about violence on television to a local official and instead use the remote to take control back of the television. I feel that Goodman did make a good choice for the intended audience and purpose of this assignment because if he had missed the mark then he may have made people resent his argument. The writer used a clear structure to his essay with three distinct supporting arguments. More importantly, Goodman continually stressed the overall purpose of the essay after every couple of paragraphs so that the reader did not forget what the argument was. Goodman used to tone and language that was necessary for parents of young kids to hear. He tried to get on their side by pointing out that complaining about it won't actually do anything and they should be the ones to make a change rather than telling others to change. Goodman quite rightfully states that some people prefer to watch violence on television, and those people should not have their rights taken away just because someone else doesn't like it. Instead, we all have the choice to watch or not watch so it really comes back to us. Â  

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