Monday, May 13, 2019

Kiva as a Non-Profit Organization Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 1

Kiva as a Non-Profit Organization - assignment ExampleAnother reason for Kivas success is the popularity of micro-financing for small investors and this financing motivates them to start their own business, and thusly pay back the amount. The internet has benefited the go with as there atomic number 18 no entry barriers and this is because the friendship has been able to reach globally. The method of the transaction is easy and fast which is another advantage for the company. Many supranational celebrities are also responsible for the success of Kiva as they regularly support the cause of the company by participating in incompatible events organized by Kiva (Zenker). The reason why Kiva is different from other organizations is that it employs different strategies that ensure the repayment of loans taken by raft from different countries. The company has made different written report partners who are directly responsible for providing and collecting loans for the company (And erson and Ramirez). These partners are either small firms or individuals on the job(p) in different countries for making operations of Kiva unique from others. The product philosophy of Kiva also makes the company different from other organizations as lending is perceived as a method of communicating with other citizenry (Anderson and Ramirez). The company believes that lending is related to the exchange of information, and it creates a strong binding and communication between the people involved in this trade. The focus of Kiva is not on profit, and this is because it is different from other lending organizations. The company believes in making business relationship with people rather than benefactor association and unlike other non-profit organizations that are appealed by peoples compassion, Kiva is attracted towards them because of its interest in businesses (Anderson and Ramirez). The Kiva model can work for boastfulr loans if the company is able to make a strong chain of fi eld partners in countries whereheavy loans are provided to large firms or organizations.

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