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A Built-On Trust is a Trust that Lasts a Lifetime Essay

When I was teenager, all guys who were the same as my age drove a elevator railway political machine. They had their own cars where they fanny go from their homes to their initiates. Naturally, I also had the same desire in necessitying to driving a car. It was a natural thing to do, only my family denied me of the privilege to drive a car. I had no choice exactly to follow them, but still, the desire in that one simple action render in me.On the other hand, I did non want to be less than my friends because I fuck off to respect my familys opinion. One day, when my engender came from work, I ran to him and greeted him. He seemed tired from work, so I asked him for the cars key so I can wash the car. I washed the surface of the car and then I started to also clean the inside. I sat on the driver seat while cleaning, but without meaning to and without ill intentions, I unawares mat this chance would not come again.I just had this desire to do something, but I was scared at the same time. I raise the key and I turned the engine on without moving the car approximately for just 10 minuteslistening for the engine sound and imitating how to drive. I was pretending to turn the signal or opening the window to talk to a friend, but all of that was just a daydream.After that, I felt it would be awesome if I could drive. I finished cleaning the car and I returned the key to my mystify. When I went to bed that night, I was thinking how I can get the key again. I should find a reason or an excuse to have the car keys again, so I thought of a plan. Sometimes, my buzz off drops us off at school when he has time.So the next day, I leftfield some stuff in my fathers car without him knowing it. When he came from work later that day, I went to him as usual and greeted him. I then said Oh, father I think I left some of my stuff in the car, could you give me the key to check if they are there or not? He gave it to me, and I was smiling from my heart until I felt the happiness show on my face.I opened the car. I turned the engine on, and there was no car in front or behind of my fathers car. A new idea formed in my mind governing one step so I locomote the car one step front and then one step back. I spent almost forty fivesome minutes just handle that. My young brother came and was looking for me because I spent such a long time for my stuff. I then turn off the car and my brother did not see me moving the car, but I thought he saw me.While we entered the home, I got sweaty and felt they were looking at me, but they did not say anything. My heart kept pumping until I went to my room. I looked at the mirror and I told myself I did it I did it but my sister was there and she said What was it that you did? I then replied strongly Nothing And do not ask anything when it is not your business. I did that to give myself confidence and to make her confuse.Human is human, and humans have everto a greater extent had attitude in wanting to change f or the better or to want more things in life. When a child rooks how to walk one step, he wants to learn how to walk in the second step. I too, am like that. I did not feel enough that it was enough in just moving the car with one step, because after one week, my father bought things for our home and he asked me to bring it to him. Instead of bringing them, I decided to ride the car two to five minutes around our home, but I was not sure if I could do it. One of my friends who is also my neighbor was looking at me and he said, I know what you are going to do.You will just take one step front and one step back. If you are not ready to drive the car as a real man, do not waste the fuel. I got angry because of this, and I told him to see that I can drive. I did not really mean it, but I was afraid that he would tease me in front my friends in the future. I drove the car in our suburb, and I drove slowly. When I went back to return my fathers car, our neighbor parked his car in my fath ers place. I panicked and I told my friend to move their car or he if he can ask his father to do it. I was nervous and I didnt want my father to go outside our home and see the car wasnt in the right place. However, my friend moved their car, and I parked our car and I swore that I am not going to drive the car again because I dont want to lose my fathers confide.Also, when I tell my father that I have already make school work or any all important(p) thing he wants me to do, I do it and I tell him that I have done it. For example, when he asks if I had done my home work and I tell him that I have done it, he would swear me, and I make it a point to do it so when he asks me again, I tell him that I have done it. I think it is important that we do no fail the expectations of our family because if we fail at it, we become irresponsible and they will note give the same trust that they have given us before.One day, I told my father that I was going to be late in school because we ha ve a school project, but I really went somewhere else. When I went home and he asked me how was school, I told him that it was okay and that we were going to do a lot of things in the following age because there were many things we need to do for school.For the next following days, my family thinks that I am still in school or in the library when I am actually with my friends, playing basketball or some games. This carryd on until one day, one of our neighbors saw me playing and he told my father wherefore I was not home that time when they saw each other. My father was very angry because I was lying and I felt scared and hapless that I lost his trust. So, I told him we were there because it was part of the school work and that basketball was needed to test some things for the information needed in the school work. My father did not believe me and said that he wants to see what it is that I was doing and asked that I show him the stuff needed for the school work. I was now more scared, but then, I remembered that I always took notes in my classes and showed it to him.My father was very happy when he saw that I was studying hard and was very expert with school. However, after that, I was thinking that I did not want to lie anymore because my family and fathers trust is so very much important to me. I would not want to lose it just because I was lying. I feel that the trust that my father and my whole family have given me is very important. When a person loses the trust of someone else, it is very hard to gain it again and restore that trust.That is why I find the value and importance of containing my fathers trust. I think, like love, trust is very important because a person is able to prove himself to his family. In my case, if I break the trust of my father and it goes away, it would be very hard to earn it again, because I think, at the back of his mind, he would always be thinking that I might make a mistake again and break his trust. This is why it is very important for a person to make the trust of a family, something to be treasured.I want to say that I have difficulty speaking and writing in English, but because of hard work, I was able to improve step by step. However, it was never easily from the start. When I left for the United States, I was not sure if my family, especially my father, would agree if I can study abroad, but because I was able to keep his trust, I was allowed to go. It is very important that I keep on building his trust and never lose it because if I lose it and break his trust, how can he trust me to make heavier and more important decisions in my life? That is why the only thing that can make him happy and not lose his trust to me is if he sees that I am studying very hard and not doing anything else but trying very hard to make him and my family happy.It is very important to run and keep in mind that difficulties will arise and hinder me in fulfilling my dreams and making my family. For example, lea rning the language of English is very challenging and difficult. I used to just know a few words, and whenever I use it, I still have difficulties and people have a hard time reason me, but because of my determination to study hard and not give up, I wined. I know that it can be very hard if a person would like to learn English and earn good grades, but I want to make my family happy and make them feel that I have not wasted anything by going to the United States and studying.If I can show them that I am working hard in making them happy and not doing anything that can make them feel that they should not trust me anymore, then I think they would not feel that they are wrong in trusting me, and they would continue to believe in me and my efforts and my abilities.It is very hard to keep the trust of a person, especially the trust of a family member, but if a person works hard, does not stray away from his goals, and keeps in mind that no matter what happens, he should make his fathe r and his family happy and make them not lose their trust, I believe that things will turn okay and not get bad. Everything will work out because I have my fathers trust and I will not do anything to break that. I have promised my family that I will get good grades and I will do that. I will succeed and not fail them.

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