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Alevel chemistry Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Alevel chemistry - Essay ExampleThe forward response (the employment of ammonia) is exothermic. According to Le Chateliers Principle, this will be favored if you lower the temperature. The system will respond by moving the position of equilibrium to counteract this - in other words by producing more heat. In order to proceed as much ammonia as possible in the equilibrium mixture, you pack as low a temperature as possible. The lower the temperature you use, the slower the reaction becomes. A manufacturer is laborious to produce as much ammonia as possible per day. It makes no sense to try to hand an equilibrium mixture which contains a very tall proportion of ammonia if it takes several years for the reaction to reach that equilibrium. You need the gases to reach equilibrium within the very short time that they will be in contact with the catalyst in the reactor. Therefore 400 - 450C is a compromise temperature producing a sanely high proportion of ammonia in the equilibrium m ixture (even if it is only 15%), but in a very short time.According to Le Chateliers Principle, if you increase the hug the system will respond by favoring the reaction which produces fewer molecules. That will cause the pressure sensation to fall again. In order to happen as much ammonia as possible in the equilibrium mixture, you need as high a pressure as possible. 200 atmospheres is a high pressure. Increasing the pressure brings the molecules closer together. In this particular instance, it will increase their chances of hitting and sticking to the surface of the catalyst where they can react. The higher the pressure the better in terms of the rate of a gas reaction. 200 atmospheres is a compromise pressure chosen on economic grounds. If the pressure used is too high, the cost of generating it exceeds the price you can get for the extra ammonia produced.CatalystIt is explained below.Q4. Catalyst (with theory about its mechanism)The catalyst has no affect any(prenominal) on t he position of the equilibrium. Adding a catalyst doesnt produce any greater percentage of ammonia in the equilibrium mixture. Its only function is to speed up the reaction. In the

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