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Computerized Enrollements System

INTRODUCTION The slow affect of enrollment is a levy issued for any civilises. All schools like colleges, secondary, and elementary school uses registration take shape for the enrollees. The students will sign and full-up each(prenominal) the necessary in throwation in order to have their personal file in the school registrar. The manual registration work out is the first and common employ for enrollment registration. This kind of touching of registration is wasting time. Students spend a lot of time to fall in aviation for how many hours to complete their requirements during enrollments. Most of time enrollees argon go and fort between dissimilar offices, they need to fall n line for how many hours to recrudesce a lot of enrollment mixed bag and fill-up and sign it. From the registrar to the their respective dean, for the schedule of their instances, for their assessment and to the accounting office. This kind of manual spend a penny of enrollment undersurface be ve ry wasting a lot of time. Acquiring and processing documents for assessment takes a lot of time to process. This is because documents are manually acquired, evaluated, and processed. slacken processing of assessment is also aggravated when documents from persons file is lost or misplaced since they only used file cabinet as storage of entropy and no back-up strategies is available.Inconsistency of data is encountered in locating file, because enrollment for mare manually written, and manually computed for their assessment. entry form data and validationed manually for accuracy, HR staff chasing shore employees to determine who has compute the process, benefit calculation by hand, manual entry of enrollment information into and carrier site or manual entry of deductions aggregate into the payroll schema, and paper work filled and store. The paper based manual method of turn over enrollment also incurs a soft cost that bumnot measured. Employee dissatisfaction. Employees im mediately are not happy with the level of ommunication they receive from traditional open enrollment. Most schools, businesses or establishments facing the same kind of problems, close to of them sought a declaration to help them aid these problems, to offer the best possible services to their enrollees or clients. Through the advancement of technology, theyve used various software application to electronic computerized some(prenominal) processes but lack features that fit their needs. In this regards, close to of them sought to have customized information system. Nowadays computer serves as an important role in our society, most in particular in school remise. It works easier and faster. It lessen errors and work by using machines. It reduces costs to an organization from paper work-up to computerized working system. A system knowing to perform the process involved in registration, advertizing, assessments, and payments of the students as well as scheduling of classes. A new automated enrollment system was proposed and passed by the judiciary just recently. According to the chair person of the department of Information Technology and clay, this enrollment system will push through on the first semester of condition course of domain 2009- 010. According to the source the Computerizes registration constitution will automatically get the students subject/section for hassle-free enrollment. This is for student without any pending back subject while for students with pending back subject, they still need to meet their department chair/coordinators first for the advising of subjects before using the enrolment system. The system design project, system that will erect the needed and storing information in a faster, more convenient counsel by storing file of the student enrollees in a computer system that ill lessen the park modality of faculty staff and storing files of each students every now and then. This will also serve as information especially f or the irregular students, freshmen, transferee, returnee and professor in able to get access in course. Subject, professor, and students enrollees. This information where can be viewed in just a second without worry that a single file lost. The idea behind enrolment system is not a new concept. As a students enrollees enlarge every year enrolment procedure become harder to deal. This will only serve to increase the problem facing enrollment that provides more easy way in enrolling.This will be a big help to all the enrolment staff especially to those under the computer department because they are the iodine who are entitled to touch and read the information from here. It will help our institution to have another system that will upgrade the enrollment processes so as to meet the quality that our institutions are trying to meet. October 1st will see the biggest change in the UK pension system since in inception as auto-enrolment begins to become integrated. By the end of the year some 600,000 people are expected to be enrolled into the new system that automatically diverts funds from their pay packet.The department of Work and Pensions (DWP) has outlined more details on the number of people expected to be sign-language(a) up during the initial waves. It estimates that 380,000 workers will be signed up in October, a make out of 420,000 will be enrolled by the end of November, and 600,000 will be in place by the end of the year. WH smith has selected an administration system to comply with its auto-enrolment obligations from 1 March 2013. The system automatically identifies and enrolls relevant employees into the chosen pension scheme, provides communication and administration processes, and handles refunds if an employee opts out.The system is provided by Ceridian UK, which already supplies the retailer with its HRevolution Saas system for its 16,000 employees online pay slips. Standard-alone Soft Ware/web system for enrollment are another common approac h. This spectrum involved the complementation of an automated solution to process open enrollment. The key business drivers for eliminating a paper-based process and replacing it with an automated process are Reduction in the time it takes to process open enrollment. Elimination of the cost of producing and storing paper materials. Mitigating the possibility of human errors Increasing employee satisfaction.Employees are not the only ones who benefit from enrollment automation. Thanks to the customizable, rules-based validation capability amaze with this technology, the system will catch errors and incomplete information, prompting employees to make changes as needed. Additionally, managers and administrators can run reports to discover who still needs to complete the process and sling automated reminders, without having to chase d witness employees on a one-on-one basis. The workload on HR staff is heavy(p)ly reduced, as employees can handle their own enrollment tasks. Research h as shown that employees and administrators are still dissatisfied ith the level of information and analysis tools that are available with many stand-alone benefit enrollment applications. The primal issue is that in order to make informed healthcare decisions, employees, HR administrators, and financial buyers need access to data commonly found in HR/Benefits and workforce management systems. Access to demographic information alongside of benefit participation data allows a company to analyze trend so that no group is overpaying or under-utilizing the benefits. Data can be segmented into employee groups by age, family status, location, need, pay scales, and multiple combinations of the aboveSynchronizing data between the benefit enrollment software and the day-after-day HR/Benefit system is key to achieving this because employee data is always changing. This includes Changing departments, Changing pay-grades, Changing locations, Changing family status, Changing work status and mo re The all told Integrated Single System, one database approach is the best option available today. The need to make more information available to employees, and the need to streamline processes sluice further, are what drive many companies into the third and most advanced phase of their open enrollment evolution.This is the sweet-spot, where businesses integrate their benefits enrollment system with their HR/Benefits and workforce management platforms to develop a truly comprehensive, integrated approach. When open enrollment is deployed as a complete, full-service package, an organization can empower an employees decision process by providing all information they need including paystubs, HR, business rules and workforce management through one interface, enter and update all employee information in one place, affirm up-to-date data throughout the open enrollment process. now that data integrity is assured from system to system. Enrolment System are viable choices for schools, e ducational activity programs, work place trading operations, educational institutions, such as colleges, and grade schools are assessed for a facial expression. Online automated system is which accepts and organize enrollee information, can boost productivity. System operations proceeds faster, more cost-effectively and with greater accuracy than manual enrolment system. Programs are comprehensive and capable of handling all interrelated processes including completion of all related forms, development, organizations, and maintenance of files.Creation of master lists other special reports. Free assessments and balances. Departmentalized accounts receivable reports class schedules and records updates. Garcia (2002) created also the LSPZ Computerized enrollment System. The discipline can be a great help to person concerned during the enrollment period. The registrar, the instructors of the students lessen the burden manually browsing over enrollment slip for record purposes. Dioso (2004) stated that computer assists protective(predicate) intelligent planning organizing, actuating and controlling. This maybe observed from the sometime(prenominal) that they observe production ctivities, solve scientific problem and help arrive in doubtful suffice to a multitude of involve condition Computer generated enrolment solutions afford students choices like options for payment, 24/7 that can benefit the whole operation. System typically include data protection and back up frameworks. Students enrollees have access to their personal information only. School personnel are able to keep up with teacher and students grades, pint averages and other pertinent identification data, such as grades, quizzes and any other modules that are considered necessary for efficient administration.Modification in school policies and requirements are easily edited online. Carrier guidance and evaluations are facilitated and traceable. What the online enrolment program effectively amount to is a self-service. On-demand students and administrators friendly lease and process optimizer. Employee workload is decreased and administrators can spend more time giving students more personalized attention and encouragement. Also, the enrollment system is compatible with spry app version for students and school staff. Some resources are available on download. com or torrent downloader. More reference links. ww. oppapers. com. www. scribd. com. This enrolment process in school is infallible by Information Technology. The objective of Information Technology is to help humanity from doing loads of work overtime. By having computerized system, the cost during enrolment will be skid down and much effort will be reduces. The project involves a series of studies that course all the requirements of creating a computerized enrolment system. The goal of the study is to provide an efficient computer-based system that will easily update, retrieve, and maintain students records. The d eveloper concern is o make a system that will help to speed up process. Slow registration processing cannot blame anyone, because of the larger total population of the enrollees. School staff who incharge for the enrolment also encountered a lot of comments the the enrollees. They also encounter different kind of problems, stress and many more during the enrolment. The researcher aims to gather and record the effects of computerized enrollment system at Kings College of the Philippines from the enrolment of first semester from the School Year 2013 according to its status and year level of the enrollees.Kings College of the Philippines (formerly Eastern Luzon College ELC Benguet) started from the year of 2004. Located Pico La Trinidad Benguet. It has been educated institution for nine (9) years now. Reverend Kwon Young Soo from korea is the commit of the said school. service inside the school weekly and during and every Sunday. One of the problems of Kings College of the Philippines during enrolment was the generation of forms. The students needed to fill-up a lot of copies of a registration form (copy for the students, accountant, registrar and dean). Students were consuming a lot of time in doing such.Since students are manually filling-up the official documents of the school, data redundancy has a great possibility in causing further complexity in the enrolment process. The enrolment itself can be considered as a problem for the students. From evaluation to validation. It is a long process and students have to go back and fort in different offices to complete the enrolment procedures. It can be tiring and such a waste of effort for them. Another problem of the school was each of enrollment personnel especially in the accounting department which only had two (2) personnel to accommodate all the students during nrolment and payment of fees. The outcome was that the school had a hard time in accoumodating large number of students and that made it hard for othe r students to wait in line. For the past Seven (7) years the Kings College of the Philippines using manual process of enrolment. Enrollees need to fill-up a lot of registration forms and it is wasting time. A lot of enrollees did not understand or did not know what they will write on their form because no one can guide or assess them. On the other way the accountant or registrar cannot understand what had the enrollees written in the registration form.Or sometimes the enrollees did not fill-up the form very well. It is October 2011, second semester enrolment when the Kings College of the Philippines used the computerized enrolment system. It is not only for the enrollees but also for the guidance. Accounting office and registrar. Library and many more. The idea of using this system was came from one of the Professor and the Accounting incharged Mr. Heginio Clyde Abellanosa. At present the Kings College of the Philippines using the enrolment system. The computer laboratory 4 is the e ncoding area of the said school. You can fill up all the necessary nformation, you can choose all the subject and schedule that you want and in a second you can get your enrolment form together with the total of your tutorship fee. After that you can now proceed to the accounting office for you payment. Every now and then they can monitor the list by course of enrollees. The total numbers of enrollees from its year level. And so the total number of enrollees per semester. From this system you can monitor the record, list of payments or balances. The respective dean of the department can monitor their students in their own offices. METHODOLOGY This chapter contains research design used by the author.The procedure that were used in this study namely population and locale of the study, data collection instrument and statistical treatment of data. The method of research applied also in this research . This type of research aims to describe the data and characteristics of the case being studied. The idea behind this research is to study frequencies, averages, and other statistical calculations. Although this research is highly accurate, it does not gather the causes behind the situation. Descriptive research is in general done when a researcher wants to gain a better understanding of a topic.Explanatory research was also used by the researcher which is defined as carried out to ascertain that the occurrence of or the changes in the variable which leads to out comes as presented. Through this research, the researcher was able to find out how much conversion is caused by another variable. This was appropriate for this study since it helped the researcher to have a better out come in terms of the description of the data in this research. Research Design This study entitled Computerized enrollment System its effect to the enrollees ofKings College of the Philippines oddly to the Criminology students is a descriptive method of research was used in this study. This type of research is to study frequencies, average and other statistical calculations. Descriptive reasons are defined as involving collection of data in order to answer the questions concerning the current status of the study. In this study questionnaire was the main data-collection tools. It is the most common used to gather information regarding the students that was utilized, in order to evaluate the effects of Computerizes Enrollment System to the respondents.It helped the researcher to have a better outcome in terms of the description of the data in this research. The questionnaire answered by the respondents consist of socio-demographic profile and the affects of the Computerized Enrollment System to the enrollees of Kings College of the Philippines particularly to the criminology students. This design is used to get information fasts. Population and Locale of the playing area This study is conducted at the Benguet Provincial Capitol Assessors confidence to gather the inform ation needed in the study. The personnel in charge in the office were the respondents.The primary data to be gathered from the respondents were the possible solutions to the problems most often encountered in handling existing Real Property Tax Assessment transactions. This study was conducted at Kings College of the Philippines. Located at Pico. La Trinidad, Benguet during first semester of the school year 2013. The data was based on the enrollees enroled in the College of venomous justice Education to gather the information needed in the study The case study entitled Computerized Enrollment System its affect to the enrollees of Kings College of the Philippines particularly to the criminology students.The case stated that the schools enrollment process are time consuming, redundant students records, and has a slow retrieval of students record. The researcher dealt with transferees, freshmen, irregular students, returnee and professor, its effect to every enrollee. The researcher s tudy how does it works faster than the manual form of enrolment. Sketch of Kings College of the Philippines Conceptual mannikin The socio demographic profile of the enrollees such as age, and type of school graduated from. Year level and status could be possibly affected to the enrollees on the computerized enrolment system.The present studies are used to determine the computerized enrolment system and its affect to the respondents. This study is delaminated on the Computerized Enrolment System and its affect to the enrollees of Kings College of the Philippines particularly to the criminology students. Paradigm of the Study The operational paradigm of the study is where the Computerized Enrolment System, its affects and intervening variables are enumerated. Figure 1. Paradigm of the study shows the different variables of the study Independent Variable Dependent Variables Computerized Enrollment System Features 1. adaption 2. Assessment 3.Systematic Enrollment 4. School Fee Manage ment 5. Computerized Student Account 6. Class Schedule 7. Secure Login System 8. Student RecordsOther A. take of Computerized Enrollment System affecting the enrolleesRate3-Very effective2-Effective1-Not effectiveB. Effect to the Students5-Always4-Often3-Sometimes2-Seldom1-Never Dependent Variables So-Socio-demographic profile 1. Age 2. shell of Secondary Educational Attainment 3. Year Level 4. Status didactics of the Problem Enrollment plays a very serious role in every school premise. It is very important in every school and it acts as their foundation.Each school has their own system in handling their enrollment. And for them to accommodate many students, they need to computerize their enrollment system, for them to make their work easier and easy to manage. The respondents are the students of College of Criminal justice Education. From first year to forth year. It consists of ______students. _____from 1st year, ______from the 2nd, _____ from 3rd year, _______from 4th year s tudents. This study seeks to find and assess the effects of Computer Enrollment System to the enrollees of Kings College of the Philippines particularly to the criminology students at Pico, LaTrinidad Benguet. Particularly it seeks to 1. Describe the Computerizes Enrollment System affecting the enrollees of Kings College of the Philippines particularly to the criminology students. 2. Identify the level of importance of Computerized Enrollment System to the enrollees Of Kings College of the Philippines particularly to the criminology students. 3. recognised the spot of problem encountered by the enrollees of Kings College of the Philippines particularly in criminology students. 4. Identify why they used the Computerized Enrollment System The following hypothesis was tested in the study 1.The effect of Computerized Enrollment System to the enrollees of Kings College of the Philippines particularly to the criminology students are modified. 2. The level of importance of Computerized E nrollment System to the enrollees of Kings College of the Philippines are determined 3. The degree of problems encountered by the enrollees of Kings College of the Philippines particularly to the criminology students are Data Collection Tool The researcher has observed the Computerizes Enrolment System already. The utilization on the survey of the information flow within the Kings College of the Philippines.The questionnaire consists of the following PartI1 it is the form of check mark wherein the socio-demographic profile such as age, type of secondary educational attainment, year level and status of the enrollees. Part II it is the form of check mark wherein the level of Computerized Enrollment System that affect the enrollees is enumerated based on the observation. Part III it is the form of check mark wherein the level of importance of Computerized Enrollment System to the enrollees particularly to the criminology students. Most inquires written in the questionnaire were made by the researcher and other were ased on their observation. Statistical Treatment Data The data presentation, analysis, and interpreting of data gathered from the system were tallied tabulated. They were treated weighted mean to Computerized Enrollment System. Its affect to the enrollees of Kings College of the Philippines particularly to the Criminology students. This treatment are necessary information sought without losing its validity. It was used to enhance the researcher a clearer analysis and easier interpretation. The data come up with the _____1st years, ______2nd years, _____3rd years, ____and 4th year enrollees of Criminology.It discusses the number of problems in using manual registration form from the number and status of enrollees for the first semester enrolment school year 2013. According to the status of enrollees like returnee, transferee, freshmen, professor and the time and typed of workload lessen. Name (optional)_______________________ Age _______15-20, ________ 21-25, __________26-30 Type of school graduated from _______Public _________Private Year Level _____1st year, ______ 2nd year, ________ 3rd year, _______4th year Status _____Freshmen, _____Old, _____Transferee, ______ Returnee ______ Professor 1.What are the Computerized Enrollment System affecting the enrollees during enrollment of Kings College of the Philippines particularly to the criminology students? Direction Please rate the level of Computerized Enrollment System that affects the enrollees during enrollment. Where 3 -Very Effective2- Effective 1-Not effective Computerized Enrollment System 3 2 1 Registration Assessment Systematic Enrollment School fee management Secure Login System Computerized Student Accounts Class Schedule Students Records Other 2.What are the level of importance of Computerized Enrollment System to t enrollees Kings College of the Philippines particularly to the criminology students? Direction Please rate the importance of Computerized Enrollment System to the enrollees during enrollment. Where 5-Stongly Agree 4-Agree 3-Disagree 2-Strongly Disagree 1-Undecided Effects to the Enrollees 5 4 3 2 1 More personalized attention Decreased workload More efficiency Greater accuracy Faster processing Systematized record and verifying of data Easier way of registration Reduce redundancy Enrollment forms that are checked manually Lessen errors Fast summarizing of reports Updated reports of payments Other 3. What are the degree of problem encountered by the enrollees of Kings College of the Philippines particularly in criminology students? Direction Please rate the degree of problems encountered by the enrollees of Kings College of the Philippines particularly in criminology students. Where 5-Always 4-Often 3-Sometimes 2-Seldom 1-Never Degree of Problems 5 4 3 2 1 Falling line Wasting time Filling-up and signing Encoding Pri nting Other Objective The researcher aims to accomplish the following 1. gibe the specific reason why Computerizes Enrollment System affects the enrollees of Kings College of the Philippines particularly to the criminology students. 2. Determine the positive and negative effects of the Computerized Enrollment System to the students 3. Show the consequence of immoderate use of Computerizes Enrollment System to the students. 4. To gather more information, to study its contribution to the students ,and to share out idea about the system to the students.

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