Tuesday, May 14, 2019

AIDS Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words - 5

AIDS - Essay typefaceAccording to UNAIDS estimation at present, there is an approximation of 33.4 cardinal people across the globe backup on this face of earth while suffering from AIDS and every year estimated two million people expire from AIDS and its cogitate illnesses. UNAIDS has approximated (UNAIDS, 2008). The case is even more critical in Sub-Sahara office of Africa where every 7 out of 10 deaths take rear end due to AIDS. Moreover, the region has almost sixty-six percent living case of AIDS and the percentage of new AIDS infection in children is as much as ninety percent (Stine, 2009).The cause of AIDS is the HIV virus. It is the virus that slowly weakens the mankind insubordinate system. HIV increasingly does damage to the immune system cells therefore, the benignant body gets more habituated to these infections, to which it has trouble in fighting back. A person diagnosed with AIDS is usually at the very high and advanced level of HIV infection flourishing in i ts body. The development of HIV in a human being body is a slow process and it can take even years for a person with HIV virus to become an AIDS patient (AIDS.org, 2009).The symptoms of AIDS are though, not as vivid and obvious as the symptoms of other diseases. The person diagnosed with aid has the obvious illnesses related to AIDS. These AIDS related symptoms or conditions include infections, cancer, or tumor. These infections are opportunistic infections because of the reason that they develop in any human body due to the weak immune system. A person can suffer from AIDS with or without these opportunistic infection, the other symptoms are the tumor or cancer in any part of the human body due to AIDS. Moreover, the diagnosis of AIDS is also positive when the total number of human immune system cells decrease to a certain point.The major channels through which the transmission of AIDS takes place are the sexual intercourse, getting exposed to the infected parts of body or fluids, and from mother to

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