Sunday, August 11, 2019

Quality of Life principles by the Toronto Real Estate Board Scholarship Essay

Quality of Life principles by the Toronto Real Estate Board - Scholarship Essay Example Rooted with the goal to increase the peoples’ awareness that they are part of the community, they aimed to make people see that they do not only want to sell houses but even more – that they hope to create communities where people can live, work, and do other stuffs in a peaceful, safe and clean place (Ontario Real Estate Association REALTORS ® â€Å"Quality of† 2). In realizing these goals, they founded the program with five major principles of â€Å"protecting economic vitality, providing housing opportunities, preserving the environment, protecting property owners, and building better communities† (Ontario Real Estate Association REALTORS ® â€Å"REALTOR ® Guide† 1). They believe, however, that these are broad and needs to be furnished more. Hence, the founders suggested that other realtors who want to apply these principles can modify the program according to the situation of each place. Getting involved in local issues. Because real estate agents are involved in selling homes, they are responsible in knowing the condition of the place and the people as a whole. They can make an action plan that will involve the local police, municipal government, the media as well as the rest of the community in tackling important issues that can affect the quality of life. Visibility can be appreciated if realtors can provide significant contributions concerning the issue and not only tackle it. Instance like recommending to the government that the homebuyers’ provincial land transfer taxes be reduced is one (Flood). Supporting the Government’s Plan. One of the innovations that are given focus by Mcguinty government as per report is to â€Å"create jobs today to prepare a strong economy for tomorrow† (Ontario Ministry of Finance 1). Moreover, an agreement that gives financial support to allow affordable housing was already signed in the year 2005 in partnership with homeownership

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