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Eastern Foods Essay

Introduction You need to do the same research and prepare before open a new restaurant. As a member of UK planning team, I need to provide a report about the challenges facing Eastern Foods in next few months, which is very important thing for starting your business. AS the saying goes, everything is hard in the beginning, to open a new restaurant, it will certainly encounter problem. For example, there is no way to attract customers at a loss or gain customers but no profits which lead restaurant have a normal business. Furthermoreï ¼Å'complaint due to food safety issues. Next, recruitment and post-training. For a manager, it is also essential psychological qualitiesï ¼Å'and can clarify the problem & make logical decisions and take the initiative & respond flexibly to change situations. Hence, writing a report can help you know that what issues you will meet and let you can do psychological preparation. The challenges  HRM Human resource management (HRM, or simply HR) is the management process of an organization’s workforce, or human resources. It is responsible for the attraction, selection, training, assessment, and rewarding of employees, while also overseeing organizational leadership and culture and ensuring compliance with employment and labor laws. (WIKIPEDIA, 2014) Thus, developing Eastern Foods which need the HR department must prepare in advance and qualified candidates to start. We need make a plan to attract people join us, and we will face the choice of employees that what we need employees, managers, chef and waiter or other to do and they must meet our satisfactions. Whether the recruitment of employees and compliance with labour laws and the principles of justice. Organization is not a simple tree, pulp, machinery or inventory. Human resources management involves the application of management functions and principles. Its function is applied to the recruitment, mining, maintenance, and reward employees. The staff’s decision must be adjusted. On different aspects of the decision-making of employees, it must compete with other human resources (HR). Decisions will certainly affect the validity of a restaurant. The effectiveness of an organization must lead to improved services to customers at a reasonable cost to provide in the form of high-quality products. Accounting Accounting will directly affect the financial restaurant, a clear accounts will undoubtedly bring many convenient restaurants. The results reflect the elements of corporate accounting. 1. Revenue Income is an enterprise formed in daily activities, which will lead to an increase in owner’s equity and the total inflow of capital has nothing to do with the economic interests of the owner of inputs. 2. Costs Cost refers to an enterprise in their daily activities, which will lead to decrease in owner’s equity, and profit has nothing to do with the distribution of the total outflow of economic benefits to the owner. 3 Profit Profit is an enterprise in a certain accounting period operating results. Net income includes profit after subtracting expenses, gains and losses directly recognized in current profit and so on. Directly included in the current profit gains (Gain) or loss (Loss), which shall be included in profit or loss that refers to will lead to changes in the occurrence of changes in owners’ equity, and the owner of the invested capital or profits unrelated to the owner or the distribution of profits loss. Marketing Marketing is an important part of business operations and includes a number of different activities. Marketing is now seen as essential to the success not only of manufactures, retailers, and other businesses but also of government agencies, hospitals, law offices, schools, and churches. (James Burrow, 2008). We need to do some research before open a new restaurant. The first aim of marketing is to create customers, acquire and maintain customers; To consider how to effectively compete head to defeat invincible from a long-term perspective; Focusing on market research, collecting and analysing large amounts of information under the change of environment and market, and the only way has to make the right decisions in different cases; such as Active promoting innovation, which is proportional to the degree and effect; Conducted in a changing decisions, which requires its makers have a strong ability like entrepreneurs insight, discernment and decisiveness.  Henceï ¼Å'We need to consider how to expand our market to attract customers. Operations Management Everything seemed ready, the restaurant will begin operations management. Operations management is targeted at operational processes and operational systems. Operations management is an investment operation process, convert, process also is a labour process or value-added process, which is the first large object operations, operators must consider how to carry out operational activities such as production planning, organization and control. If the operator improper control which easily lead restaurants into a loss situation. Operations Management deals with the design and management of products, processes, services and supply chains.ï ¼Ë†MITSloan managementï ¼Å'2014ï ¼â€° The main objective of enterprise operations management is to control quality, cost, time and flexibility, which is the fundamental source of corporate competitiveness. Therefore, operations management has an important role in the business. Operational departments will face these challenges, and propose specific work goals, developing specific means to achieve goals and approaches, clear goals. Key issue Accounting Accounting is the currency of the main units of measurement, using a range of specialized methods, accounting and supervision of an economic management of a unit of economic activity, which is designed to provide accounting information and economic efficiency. Accounting work is an important guarantee for improving cooperate governance, which requires to have some work experience in professional accounting staff to help managers of restaurants, and can earn more profits for the restaurant. A simple order to load the software onto your computer (see appendix I), or a suitable business accounting software also is very important (see appendix â… ¡). And in the eyes of many, business accounting is the general accounting bookkeeping, accounting reports afterwards and not specifically involved in the management of the business, even if part of the work involved in business management, but also the financial managers who do it. In fact, divided by the statements of accounting methods for other management staff provides company information, directly or indirectly involves in the company of  management. Whether it is cost accounting, reimbursement, billing or accounting, cooperate insiders budget execution and supervision of the first person, from material procurement to sales outstanding, adoption of the budget, compare prices, credit management, indicators and contrast. Accounting oversight fulfill all the functions, which all involved in corporate management. There are two questions to discuss. First, does not pay attention to the overall budget. The budget only stays in budget, completely ignoring the fee budget. Companies are not able to master the use of a comprehensive budget implementation status of strategic objectives, resulting in a waste of corporate finance, food, and human and other resources. Catering enterprises due to lack of effective overall budget, which is not able to adjust business strategy in a timely manner in accordance with market changes. Next, accounts of chaotic management, accounting is not timely. Many food and beverage companies with a breakdown of the property chronological mix of raw materials. For the food and beverage industry is concerned there will be a lot of consumables, and many companies do not have this set up a separate subsidiary ledgers. As the catering business for the accounts do not pay attention, for a serious lack of original documents, certificates and registration does not match the original accounts. Financial accounting irregularities exist very original certificate changes, account card can’t be consistent. Such as consistent account statement, account match the reality, in line account statement. Accounts of accounting is not timely, resulting in a breakdown of the accounts do not match with the total accounts. Marketing That marketing. This post is divided into two types, one is called front-end marketing, the other is called the back-end marketing. Both the role and position are different, qualities and abilities needed to be different. Front-end sales and marketing in order to serve as the core of the sales company, which is responsible for market development and promotion to stimulate customer demand, they did no matter how the product is manufactured, just out of the product promotion. Of course, a good front-end marketing staff will promptly to customer WHO needs feedback to the back-end marketing AND go to help understand the various back-end marketing target market dynamics and customer needs. The back-end marketing, research and  development in manufacturing as the core segment, the pre-market survey is responsible for product definition and development, which is to understand the market, understand the competition, understand target customers, and according to the market, customers and co mpetition to complete the new product Definition – a complete description of the product-specific documentation. All aspects of the catering business activities are inseparable from the consumers , constantly studying and changing consumer demand , while consumer demand to develop and deliver the food to adapt products to meet consumer demand which has become a synonym for catering business large operators how to treat customers, employees continue to instill the concept of the right customers ; small staff of each service , customer preferences are all trying to figure out to do market positioning , we must figure out who is your target customer and What are their characteristics, such as income, spending habits, . Then we develop targeted promotion. Do not blind pursuit of high profits, location, price, and features which are not unified, and cost less than consumer expectations, completely ignoring consumer psychology and consumer needs of the guests. Not with changes in market conditions and the relative adjusted so that the food does not adequately reflect the variety of price point factor in the difference in price, guests can’t adapt to the different needs of consumer motivation. In today’s technologically advanced world, such as the Internet, wechat, facebook, buy, review sites, etc. These fashion marketing, restaurant operators are embodied acclimatized. Which always wanted a simple way to accomplish more complex thing. Bosses nothing wrong result, and one-sided emphasis on the results without knowing basically failed process. Restaurant carrying out marketing activities in the process, there will be adverse environmental factors leading to damage or failure, so you must know how to transform strain markets, strengthen research marketing environment, the establishment of risk prevention and treatment agencies, face risk head-on, and improve the quality of restaurant employees. Conclusion The restaurant industry is extremely competitive. It’s difficult to be and stand out amongst the hundreds, if not thousands, of other restaurants in your local area; whether it’s the food, customer service or brand, customers will consistently critique your restaurant and even the smallest error could stir up a storm. (Sammy Jo, 2013) Opening new restaurants, will face many challenges, first, to choose a good location which can bring more customers, and also make it easier for customers to remember your restaurant, then the product positioning, elect their own signature dishes can be customized with the positioning of the menu. Then, it can be renovated, rising consumer demand of customers, store environment position in restaurants has become increasingly high, a good environment, and sometimes can be a key factor in the success of the restaurant. This comes into play when the external environment. The human resources department is responsible for hiring, and training employees on the audit. Then for the restaurant staff to begin custom equipment, such as kitchen equipment, customer use chopsticks, etc, which is the soul of a leader, and the organization is a corporate body. Organizational strategy is to create and run a business which is not only an internal team competition THAT needs external lateral and vertical industry chain to support the organization’s business, because the strategy is implemented by the organization. Excellent organizational strategy, first set aggressive strategies and goals, and implementation strategies needed to build possess excellent organizational effectiveness of the implementation of the system, and continue to temper their own sustainable development, building efficient enterprises to continue to promote a positive goal. Restaurant management also needs leaders who will link together the various departments, and less any one department will lead to failure, therefore, whether it is accounting, marketing, human resource management or operational management which will even encounter different challenges that we must face yes, because they are an essential part of the restaurant. Reference 1. Sammy Jo. 2013 Challenges of Operating a Restaurant. LERA BLOG. Weblog [Online] 24/07. Available from: [Accessed 24th March 2014] 2. WIKIPEDIA, (2014) Human resource management. Available at: [Accessed 24th March 2014] 3. James Burrow, (2008) Marketing. 4. MITSloan managementï ¼Å'ï ¼Ë†2014ï ¼â€°What is operations managementï ¼Å¸. Available at: [Accessed 26th March 2014] Appendix I Source: â… ¡ Sourceï ¼Å¡

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