Sunday, August 11, 2019

Public heath and homelessness Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words - 1

Public heath and homelessness - Essay Example health professionals lobby the use of a broad perspective in the public health sector, wherein focus on the causes of these health issues as well as observed trends in the issues would be used to solve such problems (Krieger and Higgins 758; Meyer and Schwartz 1191). Connections between the rates of homelessness and the low quality of health among these people have been established by several studies in order to bring awareness to the readers as well as other medical professionals with regards to the increased health risks of the homeless as compared to people with permanent and secure dwelling places. The selection of test subjects in homelessness and public health studies were mostly done using certain criteria such as determination of residential status using the Homeless History Form (Caton 258), secondary analyses of the 2003 Health Care for the Homeless User Survey (Baggett), the use of socio-demographic characteristics of homeless people compared to a control setup (Meyer and Schwartz 1191), as well as conducting a community assessment of places where the test subjects reside (Krieger and Higgins 762). Various assessment methods were done in order to determine the statistics of homelessness based on different grounds. Also, since the reasons for being homeless as well as the effects of it can vary from person to person, it is also relevant to include other types of assessments to prevent the data from becoming too biased. This kind of data gathering was able to generate a much clearer perspective as to what kind of health risks homeless people become subjected to, as well a s showing how these risks were considerably high as compared to non-homeless test subjects. While the methods for assessing the health risks of the homeless were different in each of the case studies that were done, all of the papers were able to corroborate the strong impact of homelessness to a sharp increase in health risks. It was mentioned that due to the lack of access to a safe

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