Friday, July 26, 2019

What do You expect will be The Character of the 21st Century Essay

What do You expect will be The Character of the 21st Century - Essay Example This has all come to be in the present century, and the damage all this groups have caused is visible. There exists examples of drug groups becoming successful because of the network type of organizational setting. ‘All these licit and illicit social groupings have in common the network form of organization—hallmarks of which include minimal central control and great connectivity’ (Of networks and nations, 1). All this illicit groups have grown to be successful and result to many misunderstandings and problems in the world because of the networking type of organization2. Though its undisputed that the network type of organization has made improvements in the world like in sectors such as human rights activists groups, they have done more damage than good. Despite the fact that it has a lot of negative effects, networks cannot be left out in the development of a country if it is to grow and rise in everything. The solution to all this is accepting hat we cannot liv e without networks and instead of using it to build more destruction to the country, we can use it for the wellbeing of society3. We can use it to build the economy and invent better ways of developing the country instead of looking at the present benefits while there lie deeper and long term damaging effects. An example is of America and how its network supports existence of nuclear weapons. They do not look at the long term effects hat state the fact that once this weapons are used on various countries, they are the ones who still use funds to help the affected countries. The short term effect is that the weapons help in case of an attack from any enemy while another fact is that other terrorism units will get hold of them and use them in causing a lot of destruction. All this point out to the fact that the 21st century is bound to have a lot of chaos at the turn at which everything is taking. John J. Mearsheim involves in the 21st century struggle for power amongst each other for various alleged reasons. He talks of the belief that most states who lead have great military power 4. Most states believe that once one is a super power, she must have some superficial powers that none can surpass; hence she cannot be attacked by any enemy at all. States aim at controlling all the wealth in the world and since they believe I the fact that power goes hand in hand with control, they struggle for the top slot in leadership. The issue about arsenal superiority is core in the struggle for the world’s to leadership slot. Most countries believe the fact that once they are the top country, they get the advantage of having enough resources of making the most superior weapons which prevent any threats of attack from any nations which grow to fear them5. Therefore, they get to protect their citizens very efficiently and comfortably. They also consider the fact that they will acquire most land once they rise to superiority; hence the fact that they end up fighting for the top slot of superiority. Having noted the importance with which nations in the 21st century take superiority, it is evident that they apply any skills to be at the top. Most of these methods are destructive; hence, end up causing confusion everywhere. The first method they consider fit to gain power is through war. Most countries believe that when they wage a war and win it, they gain superiority over all other nations. This was as the case during the cold war. The fact they fail to comprehend is the that when they w

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