Saturday, July 20, 2019

Admissions Essay - Providing Medical Assistance to the Homeless

Admissions Essay - Providing Medical Assistance to the Homeless    For me, the journey from child to medical school applicant has not been typical. It began on the damp side of a Washington bridge, where I lived when I was fourteen years old. What sparked my interest in medicine was the role I came to play among the homeless with whom I lived. It soon became apparent that I had certain knowledge that my peers lacked: Knowledge of the nature of infection and basic principles of hygiene. When Pat, a middle-aged transient with matted hair and a solemn disposition, arrived at the bridge one day, he could barely walk without assistance. Complaining that his feet hurt terribly, I removed his shoes. His socks had almost completely adhered to the skin of his feet, due to a long period of wear in his damp, poorly ventilated shoes. After a long, painful process of peeling off his socks, I immediately saw what was affecting Pat’s gait: his feet were pale and severely swollen, with spots of breakdown due to lack of circulation. He simply didn’t re alize his feet needed ventilation. For almost two weeks, ... ... tutoring, advising, and volunteer opportunities, I have developed a strong sense of leadership, confidence, and responsibility. A career in medicine will not only strengthen such attributes, but provide me with an ongoing opportunity to learn, not just from books, but also from patients; and to educate and serve those individuals as well. Though my journey began under dismal circumstances, I believe those experiences will specifically enable me to better understand quality of life issues in the under-served populations of my geographic region.   

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