Thursday, July 25, 2019

Sustained writting Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Sustained writting - Essay Example The author further adds that, despite being wealthy, the gross domestic product does not rhyme with people’s wellbeing. Therefore, social innovation comes in as demand for the wellbeing programs at the workplace, which has led majority of employers to seek strategies that will aid the wellbeing programs. The article further adds that, research on employees’ wellbeing has previously focused on the quality of job, the balance of work life and employee satisfaction. In addition, those employees who are given more space in the office have low stress rat and high sense of wellbeing. Indeed, the growing productivity in the place of work in Australia can be related to employees’ wellbeing. Social Need: Employee and Business Well-Being as Organizations Demand According to Lebihan (2011, p.27), numerous research programs of organization and employees wellbeing are being launched; this can only mean that employees’ wellbeing has become a social need that needs to be attended to. Employees’ wellbeing includes satisfaction, job quality and the balance of work life, while organization’s wellbeing includes organization change, strength, and organizations dynamics. Nevertheless, for an organization to succeed there is need for a healthy and focused workforce that will drive the organization towards a competitive advantage. Importantly, employees’ quality of life should be improved so as to yield to organization’ effectiveness and allow employees increase their performance and productivity level. Studies have proved that when employees achieve job satisfaction, the level of absence reduces work related accidents, and the level of retention is high, thus productivity increases since employees are committed to work. Boezeman & Ellemers (2009, P.898) define job satisfaction as the attitude one has concerning his job; this attitude determines the employees’ output. According to Lebihan’s article, research is yet to proof that workers with high level of well-being are more productive thus resulting to a more profitable and functional organization. Social innovation in relation to employee wellbeing In this 21st century, imbalance contributes to the sustainability of business as usual, especially due to scarcity of resources and the increase in costs; hence, a change in the expectations of employees and customers is experienced. Therefore, social innovation should be directed towards social needs, for instance, organizations should find new strategies that not only contribute to the well being of employees but to organization’s productivity. Lebihan’s article, states that there is increasing demand of well being programs from employers who emphasize on proof that supports such programs. The result is leaving researchers with a task of proofing how wellbeing workers contribute to high productivity. Social innovation incorporates the developments and implementation of new ideas t hat will match the social needs. One arising need in this article is the employee and business wellbeing. However, social innovation is associated with the challenge of cost; nevertheless, it still contributes to the

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