Wednesday, July 24, 2019

MET329 Fluid Power Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

MET329 Fluid Power - Research Paper Example The course was inspired by the long time application of fluid power dating back from ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia where water was used for irrigation (Hill 143-152). Fluid power course includes various engineering and science modules, which covers topics such as dam design, pipe flow, pumps, hydropower, flow measurements, turbines, erosions, and river channel behaviors (Eckert 20). The accredited person with a fluid power degree can find an opportunity in various industries such as mining to operate mining machineries, in the real estate industries to offer services such as lift maintenance. The experience related to fluid power can also be applied in motor vehicles, agriculture, and in any other engineering projects where power is generated from gas and fluids. In conclusion, the MET329 Fluid Power course is rooted in ancient civilizations where it was used on irrigation, boats, among other applications. It started as technological advancements, but today is studied as a career subject, which can assist one to be employed in various industries such as water supply, irrigations, and hydraulic motors amongst others. The course will shape the world’s technological scope in the future by offering special research algorithms of automating all machineries through fluid

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