Friday, July 26, 2019

Bushs Ideas of New World Order Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Bushs Ideas of New World Order - Essay Example While the Gulf War is a manifestation of the development of new World Order, it is clear that the idea is still at conception stage and that the rationale for its application is still debatable. Gorbachev's idea of New World order seems much similar to the ideas that Bush advanced at this point in time and converges to the development of peaceful world void of imperialistic aggression. To a large extent, the Gulf war signified the role of international bodies and powerful nations in safeguarding weak nations from ill political aggression towards a peaceful new world era. The Gulf war in 1991 refers to the historic war that emerged shortly after Saddam Hussein of Iraq invaded Kuwait. Over the world, history, Iraq is a country that has always ignited numerous wars against different nations. The Iraq war against Kuwait started shortly after Iraq was given up on its war with Iran. In July 1990, Saddam Hussein gave up on the conflict he had held for a long time with Iran. At this time, Iraq had greatly invested in its military and the country was in an economic crisis. As a matter of fact, Iraq owed Kuwait 30 billion dollars and was unwilling to pay. To counter the demand of Kuwait that Iraq pays this debt, Saddam Hussein launched a counter claim that Kuwait had cost Iran a great fortune by reducing the price of Oil, hurting the business operations in Iraq (Finlan, 2003, P. 30). Consequently, Saddam Hussein demanded compensation and refused to pay the debt they owed this country. To make matters worse, Saddam Hussein launched claims that he had held earli er that Kuwait is a country that belongs to Iraq. In an effort to control Kuwait, Saddam Hussein ordered his troops to monitor the borders of Kuwait and counter any resistance from the government of this country. The feeling of this letter was that Kuwait being a small country, he could easily capture it to his economic advantage as this country was rich in Oil wells. From this perspective, the Gulf war was an expansionism strategy in which a powerful state abused its power to its own political and economic advantage.

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