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Odyssey by Homer Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Odyssey by Homer - Essay Example It is therefore the epic is regarded as one of the most alluring and splendid works the world has ever produced. The poet has elaborated that maintenance of dignity and valor was the most imperative phenomenon for Greeks, on which they could not make any compromise altogether. Similarly, the politeness and modesty during speech and actions was also highly significant object for the society, and use of eloquent, apposite and sophisticated words during social interaction was regarded as the sign of being cultured and modest. Moreover, the people of the city were also munificent and generous, and always treated the guests with open arms and happy heart. Consequently, dignity, politeness and hospitality served as the most dominant features of the ancient Greek civilization of Homeric era. The verses depict the valor, pride, ego, prestige and strength of the major characters including the protagonist King Odysseus of Ithaca and his son Telemachus. Similarly, the loyalty, fidelity and dedi cation of Penelope, and the love and affection of the Ithacan subjects for their King Odysseus are also the distinguishing aspects of the ancient Greek life. The play reveals the very fact that the honor, prestige and dignity were regarded as the most prominent aspects of social life among the ancient Greek people, and they did not make any compromise on these issues altogether. ... The issue of pride and shame also appears at the eve of the challenge made by Euryalus, the handsome and strong Phaeacian youth, to Odysseus after the latter’s attending the Phaeacian assembly. Euryalus asks Odysseus to participate in the athletic contest along with the other Athenian youth. (Book 8: lines 178-182) However, Odysseus refused to comply with the same. Consequently, Euryalus passes insulting comments on him by declaring him as a sailor trading back and forth  in a ship with many oars, as well as a captain in charge of merchant sailors (Book 8, lines 200-202) In response to these awkward words, Odysseus made a thought-provoking speech in which he laments over his present state of affairs that is not suitable for the participating in athletics. However, he throws discus so powerfully that no one can do the same. Consequently, Athena encourages him to participate in other competitions too, which he does and wins the same. Hence, he obtains the opportunity of provin g his worth in discus throwing and wrestling. Thus, cunning speeches made by the protagonist character made situation uncomfortable, and the King announces the end of the games for the day. Odysseus is determined to fight against rival generals, sea monsters, court intriguers and hypocrites in order to display his bravery on the one hand, and to sustain the status of a dignified ruler on the other. It is therefore he sets out to fight war against the Trojan army just for the sake of enjoying the status of the most gallant and respectable person of the city. At the beginning of the Trojan War, he appears to be the father of an infant of one month only, departing from him

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