Thursday, November 21, 2019

Health record structures in computer-driven formats Essay

Health record structures in computer-driven formats - Essay Example In addition, this structure enables me to perceive of the likely effect of reorganizing health records and any associated medical narrative. Many healthcare institutes, particularly public ones, cannot meet the expense of lowering open medical language to mere postscripts in the strategy of EHRs. EHRs with computer-driven formats is an essential movement towards information system structure that employ natural language dispensation as a major innovation for translating it from unorganized to organized representations (Davis and LaCour, 2014). Health record structures in computer-driven formats are applicable in my work area, systems science, in terms of standardization, organization, and easy control. For electronic health records to exhaust all their potentials and purposes, this data has to be made uniform, structured, and simple to control. This data often includes patients’ symptoms, diseases, allergies, clinical histories, family backdrops, and even billing information (Davis and LaCour, 2014). If this type of data is unstructured and unstandardized, treating these patients with utmost efficiency and economy becomes difficult. Additionally, my work area facilitates paperless offices, a factor that computers today are greatly attributing to. Computer-driven formats will enable me to save time while at work while sharing confidential data regarding a given patient at any given time. Computer-driven formats process workflow in my field at a high rate in contrast to manual, paper formats. The benefits of health record structures in computer-driven formats are more efficiency, lower medication and nursing errors, structured data, and effective medical decision-making processes (Davis and LaCour, 2014). There is a significant drive in the course of doing away with conventional medical transcript and converting the clinical documentation

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