Monday, September 23, 2019

Whats wrong with school teacher play student, learns to lie and cheat Essay

Whats wrong with school teacher play student, learns to lie and cheat - Essay Example Glanz realized that the students found the classes boring, lied and manipulated their teachers, and they did not work hard to get good grades. She realized that the students did not learn much in the classrooms as they were demotivated and turned off by the fact that they had little responsibility and power over their education. They expected the teachers to do everything for them and assumed that their role was to sit down and listen. They thought that the teachers were bores and their role was to distribute the information required for the students to pass tests. Glanz was saddened by the fact that teachers did not realize the communication gap that existed between them and their students. She learned that political corruption had made some students believe that there was no need to put in effort as it had little value. Students had a low opinion over honesty and this attitude encouraged many of them to cheat in their exams and feel no remorse about their actions. As Glanz returned to her former school, she decided to demand more from the students by making sure that they were responsible for their education. She did not accept their excuses easily and ensured that they put in effort in every aspect of their education (Banas 658). Students find many classes boring, put in little effort to pass their exams, use excuses to refrain from doing homework and other tasks, and manipulate teachers to complete their tasks. I think that this has been the trend for many students but there are an exceptional few who work hard to get good grades. In my opinion, many classes are boring and the teachers are sometimes bores. This is because the students do not play an active role in class. They are expected to sit in class quietly as the teachers give instruction. Therefore, the students feel detached from the learning process. I agree with Glanz as she concludes that students are demotivated because they have little responsibilities and

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