Friday, September 27, 2019

Latinos underepresentation in the criminal justice system are reflect Research Paper

Latinos underepresentation in the criminal justice system are reflect in the lack of latinos judges in the United States Supreme Court - Research Paper Example Without the promotion of a significant number of Latino legal professionals, Latinos perhaps have access to a very few culturally aware Latino legal experts to cater to the needs of the continuously increasing Latino population in the U.S. (Failde, 1997). This paper argues that Latino underrepresentation in the criminal justice system is reflected in the lack of Latino legal professionals or judges in the U.S. Supreme Court. Several qualitative and quantitative findings and statistics are available on affiliates of the legal profession who are self-identified Latino and hence offer some ideas about the opportunities, difficulties, and achievements of Latino judges and legal professionals (Rivera & Roure, 2012), and is crucial in gaining knowledge of the experiences of Latino legal experts. The rise of Latinos as a capably major electoral group is apparent in the judicial selection policymaking during the Bush administration. A Latino lawyer and past state judge, Alberto Gonzales, has become controversial because of his job as the head of the Bush judicial selection board. More importantly, the attempt of the Bush administration to assign Miguel Estrada to the federal appellate position brings a realization that Latinos can be a major political electorate. The appointment of Estrada was among the few disapproved by Democratic senators due to worries about his alleged fanatic conservatism (Chavez, 2011). It is widely believed that the Bush administration would want to take acclaim for assigning the very first Latino Supreme Court justice. However, in relation to other parts of judicial selection, there was no rise in the number of Latino judges from the conclusion of the Clinton presidency to the middle of the Bush government. Nevertheless, there was a little surge in t he population of Latino judges in U.S. District Courts (Smith et al., 2005). Regardless of whether Bush has the chance to

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