Tuesday, September 3, 2019

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With reference to no more than four art works, discuss the state of public art in Singapore or any one in SE Asian country. Does it integrate into its physical environment or otherwise? What function does it perform? Introduction on Public Art According to Wikipedia, public art refers to works of art in any media with the specific intention of being situated or staged in the physical public domain. In other words, they are known as artworks that are displayed anywhere in public; in an indoor or outdoor setting. These artworks are carefully planned and executed so that they compliment and integrate with its physical environment. According to Henry Moore (XXXX), displaying sculptures outdoors is best because the artwork is able to relate to the sky, rather than trees, buildings, and people because these elements may cause conflict in the artwork’s interest which will definitely lose its true meaning. In relation to the sky, only then will the public be able to contrast infinity with reality so that they are able to discover the artist’s true intention behind the artwork without making a comparison. Public art may come across to the general public as a form of physical engagement. The notion of â€Å"can see, can touch† of accessible artworks as compared to the artworks displayed in museums which is usually, in a rather controlled setting. Public art breaks that rigidity and restricted boundaries. These artworks are usually aesthetically pleasing as they humanize and provide a touch of decor to the physical environment, thereby invigorating public spaces. It provides an engaging intersection between the past, present and future across various ideas and disciplines. Public art also reflects the country’s public history and evolving cult... ...t. It activates the public’s imagination and it encourages them to pay close attention to the artwork in the physical environment. It transforms a city or country through public spaces, into something more vibrant and interesting with the expression of the artists’ imagination. Carefully conceived public art installations are able to capture the eye and mind of public walking through the public spaces. It allows the public to experience and celebrate the essence of rich connections to the history yet at the same time, it helps to define & reach out to the community within the community itself through the conceptual idea behind the artwork. Such example will be, Goh Yixiu’s site-specific installation with raffia string entitled â€Å"Paranoia†. Vito Acconci quoted, â€Å"If you want change, you must be prepared to think differently. The function of public art is to de-design†.

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