Friday, September 13, 2019

Blog about Public Relations Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Blog about Public Relations - Essay Example This is what ethics commands. But take for instance one would like to get votes from people and yet his score card is very low. He or she might resort to propaganda as a PR tool. He will boast of projects he or she did not initiate and in the end people might trust him. The politicians might also say false information about their opponents in order to gain political mileage. Though unethical it might lower the PR of the opponent. Governments may also resort to unethical means in order to maintain their PR. They may promise things they know they cannot fulfill. For example, the government may promise to employ all its citizens in the period of about three years when it well knows this is not possible. This would be propaganda which is unethical but it really works in most cases. Ethics means doing the right thing. Every government or organizations needs to employ ethics in its undertakings in order to raise their public relations. Public relation is how an individual, organization, or government is perceived by others. It is a communication tool. Some individuals, organizations have resorted to propaganda in order to raise their public relations but this discussion argues otherwise (Moloney, 2006). It is important to give the right information in order to raise your public relations. Let us for example take a business organization. The business may try to give false information about their products in order to realize higher sales. This might work at the start but as people realize they might shun away from such a business. This will lower the public image of such an organization. It is just important to do everything ethically in the business and this will help raise your business PR (Campbell and Scaife, 1998). Governments must also do the right things in order to raise their PR. A government may fool its citizens once, twice but not forever. Once the people

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