Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Gender Socialization Interview Essay Example for Free

Gender Socialization Interview Essay The family is the most essential ingredient in the making of a person. How one socializes to the society with regards to his/her gender is directly pointed to the responsibility of the family. The very basic foundation to a person’s character and how they behave with regards to their roles in the society and in family is the responsibility of the people around him/ her in the four corners of their homes where their young minds are being inculcated with such values or behavior that they should follow or they should take responsibility with. Most sociologists believe that the family is the best institution to instill in a child the attitudes and behavior patterns necessary o become a successful adult. Traditionally, parents are responsible for their children’s religious or ethical training and for providing basic knowledge of their society. Ordinarily, this largely means presenting basic concepts to the children at home as soon as they can absorb them, and, when they are old enough, enrolling them in educational institutions and having them participate in recreational, civic, and cultural activities. The family is also important in providing various kinds of social control. Its most important role is the regulation and control of character or behavior of the children. To understand gender socialization in the family I have interviewed Czarina. She is a female and is 15 years old. She is the youngest among her two brothers. Her parents work in a real state company and are sometimes not there to attend their special needs and attention especially if they have programs or activities at school. Czarina is already in high school, as a student she is very diligent and really tries her best to do good to make her family proud of her. She sometimes join extracurricular activities due to some factors like, her brothers as well as her parents would not allow her to go home late at night already. She has a curfew of 7:00 pm and failure to comply that will mean a very strong punishment for her. Czarina grew up in a family where traditional gender roles are being reproduced and also practiced. She grew up in a disciplinarian family but not that very strict. They just want her to be responsible in everything she does. Although her parents are sometimes not there to attend to her needs, her brothers are the ones who do it. She was taught that a lady should know all household chores because someday she will become a mother also and it is very essential for her to know all those things. It was also implanted in her mind that ladies should go home early because it is very dangerous and very indecent for a girl to go home very late at night. On other words, Czarina’s world evolved around home, school and even church. Her family sees to it that they all go to church every Sunday, not missing each service in their church. They were so devoted with their faith, which is why her brothers and parents are very strict with her. It has implanted in her mind that is rightful for a family to stay together even though travails or circumstances are present and are inevitable, every woman should be strong for her family not letting any doubt or fear ruin it. Czarina grew up seeing his brothers do so well at school and in their house. Her brothers are so responsible, caring and loving ones; while her parents are working very hard to provide them with what they want. Her brothers taught her not to easily fall in love, and never rush love until the right man and the right time comes. Her parents who are very loving; even though they’re sometimes busy; they always find time to be with them especially on weekends. Through the years, this was what she saw and experience in her daily life. This has become a part of her life already that she also has learned and practice. At school, she is very well respected and looked up to by her classmates and peers. She is very well disciplined and a dignified young lass. She serves as a role model among the young people in their school, being a consistent academic awardee and a good, behaved young lady. I asked her if she is pressured with what her family and friends is expecting of her, she answered me with a nodd. Yes, indeed she is fearful she might break the trust of her peers and especially her family but she knows deep inside her that all those values that have already been implanted in her being will never wither. It helped her become a better individual, through the upbringing of her parents and of course with the help of her two very understanding and disciplinarian brothers. She never regretted to be a part of her family, but on the other hand she felt lucky because not all are given the opportunity to be a good young woman. She said that the family really plays an important role in molding the behavior and character of a person because just like her, if her family didn’t brought her up that way then she would not be what she is right now.

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